Technical Working Group 6/22/2016


Departures and Arrival Technical Working Group Meeting

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

City Hall Council Chambers – Daly City


Note: To arrange an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act to participate in this public meeting, please call (650) 363-1853 at least 2 days before the meeting date.


Meeting Audio (3hrs 5mins – 169MB MP3)


1. Call to Order & Welcome
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson

2. FAA Feasibility Results Overview, Recap
Cindy Gibbs, Roundtable Aviation Technical Consultant

3. Roundtable Evaluation/Responses FAA Feasibility Results Items
Cindy Gibbs, Roundtable Aviation Technical Consultant

4. Next Steps
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson
James A. Castañeda, AICP, Roundtable Coordinator

5. Public Comments on Items NOT on the Agenda
Speakers are limited to two minutes. Roundtable members cannot discuss or take action on any matter raised under this item.

6. Adjourn
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson

Printable Agenda (PDF)
FAA Initiative Feasibility Results Documents