Subcommittee Meetings

Subcommittee Meetings are scheduled throughout the year on an as-needed basis as determined during a Regular Meeting or by the Roundtable Chairperson. Locations are to be announced and included in the agenda for individual subcommittee meetings, which are typically available a week prior to the meeting.

Upcoming Meetings

None scheduled at this time.


Past Meetings Archive

Below is a list of past subcommittee meetings containing the agenda, available meeting media (such as any audio, video, or webcast recordings), and any documents utilized during the meeting.


11/15/2017 – Technical Working Group – šŸŽ§
09/12/2017 – Legislative Subcommittee Meeting – šŸ’»
08/15/2017 – Technical Working Group – šŸ’»
07/13/2017 – Work Program Subcommittee – šŸ’»
07/13/2017 – Legislative Subcommittee Meeting – šŸ’»
05/04/2017 – Work Program Subcommittee
05/04/2017 – Legislative Subcommittee



10/13/2016 – Technical Working Group
06/22/2016 – Technical Working Group – šŸŽ§
05/26/2016 – Technical Working Group
01/06/2016 – Technical Working Groups