SFO Airport/Community Roundtable

Meeting No. 298 Overview

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1.    Call to Order / Roll Call / Declaration of a Quorum Present

Roundtable Chairperson, Cliff Lentz, called the Regular Meeting of the SFO Airport / Community Roundtable to order, at approximately 7:13 p.m., in the David Chetcuti Community Room at the Millbrae City Hall.  James A. Castañeda, AICP, Roundtable Coordinator, called the roll.  A quorum (at least 12 Regular Members) was present as follows:



Doug Yakel – City and County of San Francisco Airport Commission

David Takashima – City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office

Dave Pine – County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors

Elizabeth Lewis – Town of Atherton

Cliff Lentz – City of Brisbane

Raymond Buenaventura – City of Daly City

Steve Okamoto – City of Foster City

Deborah Ruddock – City of Half Moon Bay

Peter Ohtaki – City of Menlo Park

Sue Digre – City of Pacifica

Ann Wengert – Town of Portola Valley

Rosanne Foust – City of Redwood City

Ken Ibarra – City of San Bruno

David Burrow – Town of Woodside



City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors (Vacant)

C/CAG Airport Land Use Committee (ALUC)

City of Belmont

City of Burlingame

Town of Hillsborough

City of Millbrae

City of San Carlos

City of San Mateo

City of South San Francisco



James A. Castañeda, AICP – Roundtable Coordinator

Cindy Gibbs – Roundtable Technical Support (Consultant)

Harvey Hartman – Roundtable Technical Support (Consultant)



Bert Ganoung, Noise Abatement Manager

Ara Balian, Noise Abatement Specialist

David Ong, Noise Abatement Specialist

John Hampel, Noise Abatement Specialist


2.         Adoption of a Resolutions of Recognition for Julian Chang & Rich Newman

Roundtable Chairperson Cliff Lentz read and presented the resolutions honoring Julian Chang, former City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office representative, and Richard Newman, former C/CAG Airport Land Use Commission representative, for their years of service to the Roundtable. Both Mr. Chang and Mr. Newman express gratitude in working with the Roundtable and staff.

ACTION:  Ken Ibarra MOVED the adoption of the resolutions.  The motion was seconded by Dave Pine and CARRIED, unanimously.


3.    Public Comments on Items Not on the Agenda

A total of 12 members of the public spoke to express concern over aircraft noise in their communities. The communities represented were Pacifica, San Francisco, South San Francisco, Brisbane, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Los Altos. Concerns raised by those who spoke centered on unprecedented overflight from departing flights from SFO, ongoing impacts from NextGen procedures with arrival flights, and other aircraft overflight noise that didn’t previously exist in their communities.





4.         Review of Airport Director’s Reports for August 2015

5.         Review and approval of Roundtable Regular Meeting Overview for June 3, 2015 and October 7, 2015.


ACTION:  Ken Ibarra MOVED the adoption of the resolutions.  The motion was seconded by Elizabeth Lewis and CARRIED, unanimously.





6.    Review of SFO FlyQuiet Report for Q3 2015

Bert Ganoung Noise Abatement Manager, provided an overview of the third quarter Fly Quiet report for 2015.


7.    Airport Director’s Comments

Airport Public Communications Officer Doug Yakel provided a brief update on the airport’s current operation. Mr. Yakel reported that SFO will have two new carriers- Air India and Qantas will return to SFO.  The Noise Abatement Office will be working with both airlines regarding the Fly Quiet program at SFO. Mr. Yakel indicated that Airport Director John Martin will be retiring Summer 2016.


8.    FAA Initiative to Address Noise Concerns

Roundtable Chairperson Lentz introduced the item and explained the importance of the initiative, and stressed how valuable the Roundtable’s participation will be.

DISCUSSION:  Roundtable Technical Advisor Harvey Hartmann indicated in reading the letter, there is potential for noise shifting, and the Roundtable should keep that in mind when considering suggestions. Questions were raised by Roundtable memberships regarding the details of how the FAA will be conducting the initiative, specifically working with the Roundtable and other stakeholders. Kathleen Wentworth, aide to Congresswoman Speier, provided some background on the congressional lead up to the FAA initiative. Members of the Roundtable expressed considering a regional approach in participating with the FAA initiative and include Palo Alto. Roundtable Vice-Chair Lewis indicated that she would like to bring the item back to the Roundtable for consideration given the timely nature of the initiative. San Mateo County Board of Supervisors representative Dave Pine commented that the Roundtable shouldn’t get bogged down in going through the process of including Palo Alto as a Roundtable member and stressed finding other ways to be inclusive for the sake of time. Chairperson Lentz asked staff to investigate for discussion at the next Roundtable meeting.

Residences from Palo Alto expressed their concerns and thoughts regarding the FAA initiative, and stressed the importance of a collaborative effort with the noise groups that have been established by the communities. Other residences shared applications available to submit noise complaints, as some have indicated that the SFO website is not intuitive to submit complaints. Bert Ganoung, Noise Abatement Manager, indicated they are currently working with application creators to help streamline bulk reporting and exploring other changes given the unprecedented volume of complaints.


9.    Eshoo’s Quiet Communities Act and FAA Community Accountability Act proposal

Roundtable Technical Consultant Cindy Gibbs provided an overview of the recent Quiet Communities Act and FAA Community Accountability Act proposals. No other significant details are provided at the moment and will report back as information develops.



10.  Strategic Plan for 2016-2018 & Work Program for FY 2015-2016

Roundtable Technical Consultant Cindy Gibbs provided an overview an overview of both the Strategic Plan through 2018 and the Work Program for the current fiscal year.

DISCUSSION: Roundtable Vice-Chair Lewis stressed the importance of clearer/easier to understand noise reports. Menlo Park representative Peter Ohtaki asked if the FAA initiative   discussed earlier would be included in the work plan. Ms. Gibbs indicated it could be added.

ACTION:  Sue Digre MOVED the adoption of Strategic Plan 2016-2018 and Work Program for FY 2015-2016.  The motion was seconded by Ann Wengert and CARRIED, unanimously.


11.  Budget for FY 2015-2016

Roundtable Coordinator James Castañeda presented the budget for FY 2015-2016 for the Roundtable’s consideration.

DISCUSSION:  Woodside representative David Burrow pointed out that the table showing the amounts of year over year role over didn’t reconcile. Mr. Castañeda confirmed that the budget does reconcile, and an error was made on the table. Roundtable members agreed to continue to the item until a revised table could be presented.

ACTION: No action was taken on this item.


12.  Report, Departures Technical Working Group

13.  Report, Arrivals Technical Working Group

Roundtable Technical Noise Consultant Cindy Gibbs provided a very brief overview of the progress of the items discussed at prior Technical Working Groups back in August. No working group meetings were conducted since the last Roundtable regular meeting, and no other update was provided.





14.  Airport Noise Briefing

Due to time, no briefing was provided.


15.  Member Communications / Announcements


16.  Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:08 p.m.


Roundtable meeting overviews are considered draft until approved by the Roundtable at a regular meeting.