SFO Airport/Community Roundtable
Meeting No. 288 Overview
Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1. Call to Order / Roll Call / Declaration of a Quorum Present

Roundtable Chairperson, Jeffrey Gee, called the Regular Meeting of the SFO Airport/Community Roundtable to order, at approximately 7:04 p.m., in the David Chetcuti Community Room at the Millbrae City Hall. James A. Castañeda, AICP, Roundtable Coordinator, called the roll. A quorum (at least 12 Regular Members) was NOT present as follows:








2. Public Comments on Items NOT on the Agenda

A Millbrae resident by the name of Tanya expressed her concern for the increase of noise and vibration experienced in the last month, and is occurring during the hours between midnight and 6:00 a.m. Airport Director John Martin responded by indicating the Airport Noise Abatement staff was present, and would be more than happy to discuss the issues after the meeting.



3. Review of Airport Director’s Report for August 2013 and September 2013

4. Review of Roundtable Regular Meeting Overview for September 4, 2013


ACTION: No action was taken due to lack of a quorum.




5. Review of SFO FlyQuiet Report for Q3 2013

Bert Ganoung, Noise Abatement Manager, provided an overview of the SFO FlyQuiet Report for the third quarter of 2013 included in the meeting packet. Mr. Ganoung mentioned the increased use of the Shoreline Departure procedure, and indicated this is the highest scores since 2008.

DISCUSSION: Woodside representative David Burow questions why United Airlines, with over 2,600 departures utilizing the Gap Departure procedure, is near the bottom of the list. Mr. Ganoung indicated a mix of reasons, ranging from possible seasonal trends, equipment mix, and the Flight Management System programmed for a departure profile that optimizes for fuel economy versus noise abatement. United Airlines representative Glen Morse responded that the Boeing 747, commonly used for long distance flights from SFO, is generally a poor performing aircraft. Mr. Morse confirmed that equipment mix and flight automation is most often the combining cause for the poor Gap Departure performance, but that United is making efforts to transition to newer, better performing aircraft.

ACTION: No action was taken due to lack of a quorum.


6. Airport Director’s Comments

Airport Director John Martin indicated that overall trends are flatting out, but seeing a slight drop in domestic traffic, but an increase in international traffic. Mr. Martin reported that the Shoreline Departure procedure has incurred its highest use as of late, which provides relief to the areas of South San Francisco, San Bruno and parts of Brisbane. Roundtable representatives were encouraged to take advantage of the presentation briefings Airport Public Information Officer Doug Yakel is offering to cities to inform them of the upcoming runway safety construction closures and its impacts. Finally, Mr. Martin indicated that a joint portable noise monitoring effort with Oakland International Airport is currently occurring in Woodside, and a portable noise monitor has been deployed in Portola Valley.



7. SFO Construction Update and Departure/Arrival affects

Bert Ganoung, Airport Noise Abatement Manager, reported no new additional news to provide regarding the upcoming runway safety construction. The airport continues to make appear-ances at City Council meetings to inform and educate of the construction occurring April through September 2014, and the expected impacts. San Mateo County representative Dave Pine praised the airport on their outreach efforts. Airport Public Information Officer Doug Yakel provided an overview of the entire federal mandated process, the multiple steps expected to be completed, as well as the arrival and departure procedures utilized during construction periods.


8. Update on FAA’s PORTE Departure Analysis

Roundtable Chairperson Jeffrey Gee gave an overview of the meeting held in September, with Congresswomen Speier and Eshoo where the FAA and representatives of communities of Brisbane and Woodside were in attendance in order to discuss what can be done to provide relief to residences over those respective communities. No definitive answers or conclusions were reached regarding the efforts to do so, but the conversation is ongoing.

DISCUSSION: Cliff Lentz, Brisbane Representative, expressed that it was a productive meeting and great to have both Congresswomen in the room. He indicated initial discussion regarding the upcoming Environmental Assessment for the Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Metroplex (OAPM), and a possible additional public engagement “box” in the timeline. Brian Perkins, Congressional Aide to Congresswoman Jackie Speier, indicated that the FAA has a legal constraint to work within, but a “box” will be placed somewhere in the timeline process.


9. Work Program Subcommittee Recommendations, Oceanic Arrivals over the Woodside VOR

Roundtable Technical Consultant Cindy Gibbs provided a brief overview of the October 10, 2013 Work Program subcommittee meeting. The subcommittee agreed to recommend having aircraft monitored on a quarterly basis with deployed semi-portable noise monitors, and establish a noise decibel base level of 52 dB for daytime (7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) and 42 dB for nighttime readings. The Woodside location, at the OSI Woodside VOR, will also have equipment deployed from the Oakland International Airport Noise Office. The Portola Valley site was selected to be centered around the cluster of noise complaints received, and is located at a Cal Water site in the middle of a residential area.


DISCUSSION: Woodside resident Jim Lyons expressed concern with the underlying data presented in the packet’s report, and does not correspond with data recorded from his backyard where over 60 events were greater than 80 dB. It was suggested to the Roundtable to not rely on the data as it is problematic.


10. Report, Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Metroplex (OAPM) Environmental Review

Chairperson Gee indicated looking forward to hearing from the FAA regarding how to participate in the OAPM process moving forward. It was indicated that public meetings were held in September; however, the notices were not received by City/County staff until after the meetings had occurred. With the recent Government shutdown, it is hoped that this will have created an opportunity to allow additional involvement and discussion from the Roundtable.

DISCUSSION: Woodside representative Dave Burrow asked what the timeline is now for the Environmental document. Chairperson Gee indicated early 2014, but unclear when the public “box” would be added that was discussed earlier in the meeting. Patty Daniel, Noral OAPM project manager for the FAA, indicated the draft Environmental Assessment is expected to be released in March 2014, and the final to be released in July 2014. When asked about the public “box,” she indicated it will be based on the project scope currently being reviewed, and details will be formulating.



11. Website Update

Roundtable Coordinator James Castañeda indicated the website is up and running as we speak.



12. TRACON Trip Recap

Brisbane representative Cliff Lentz and Portola Valley representative Ann Wengert both shared their experiences of the joint field trip with the Oakland Noise Forum to the NorCal TRACON facility. Mr. Lentz expressed his enthusiasm in collaborating more with the Oakland Noise Forum.


13. Airport Noise Briefing

Roundtable Aviation Technical Consultant Cindy Gibbs indicated the next Aviation Noise Symposium will be held in late February 2014, in Palm Springs. Ms. Gibbs also gave an update on the latest UAV legislation discussions, as well as London-Heathrow’s new Fly Quiet program.


14. Member Communications / Announcements

Bert Ganoung, Airport Noise Abatement Manager, indicated that as part of correcting and extending 20 years noise insulation easements, a notice will be published in the San Francisco Chronicle. The airport has attempted to contact 184 homeowners, regarding the easement, by mail and in person.

Mr. Ganoung also took an opportunity to introduce Barbara Lawson, the Noise Abatement Office’s newest specialist. Ms. Lawson has been on staff for 22 years, but has transitioned into the noise specialist role, recently.

Airport Director John Martin extended a special invitation to Roundtable members to tour the new Boarding Area E of Terminal 3 at SFO in January 2014.

Daly City alternate representative Carol Klatt asked if the Roundtable could adjourn in memory of former San Mateo County Supervisor and Daly City Councilman William Schumacher, who recently passed away.


14. Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned in memory of William Schumacher at approximately 8:26 p.m.

* NOTE: Roundtable meeting overviews are considered draft until approved by the Roundtable at a regular meeting.