SFO Airport/Community Roundtable

Meeting No. 284 Overview Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I.       Call to Order / Roll Call / Declaration of Quorum Present

Roundtable Chairperson Jeffrey Gee called the Regular Meeting of the SFO Airport/Community Roundtable to order, at approximately 7:04 PM, in the David Chetcuti Community Room at Millbrae City Hall. James A. Castañeda, AICP, Roundtable Coordinator called the roll. A quorum (at least 12 Regular Members) was present as follows:


John L. Martin, City and County of San Francisco Airport Commission

Julian Chang, City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office

Dave Pine, County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors

Richard Newman, C/CAG Airport Land Use Committee (ALUC)

Elizabeth Lewis, Town of Atherton

Dave Warden, City of Belmont

Cliff Lentz, City of Brisbane

Michael Brownrigg, City of Burlingame

Ray Buenaventura, City of Daly City

Naomi Patridge, Vice-Chair, City of Half Moon Bay

Shawn Christianson, Town of Hillsborough

Robert Gottschalk, City of Millbrae

Sue Digre, City of Pacifica

Ann Wengert, Town of Portola Valley

Jeffrey Gee, Chairperson, City of Redwood City Pradeep Gupta, City of South San Francisco David Burow, Town of Woodside


City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors (Vacant) City of Foster City

City of Menlo Park

City of San Bruno City of San Carlos City of San Mateo

ADVISORY MEMBERS PRESENT Airline/Flight Operations

Michael Jones, United Airlines

Glen Morse, United Airlines

Federal Aviation Administration David Dodd, Northern California TRACON Dennis Green, Northern California TRACON


James A. Castañeda, AICP, Roundtable Coordinator

Cindy Gibbs, Roundtable Support (Consultant)

Harvey Hartmann, Roundtable Support (Consultant)


John Bergener, Planning and Environment

Bert Ganoung, Noise Abatement Manager

Ara Balian, Noise Abatement Specialist

David Ong, Noise Abatement Systems Manager

II.      Recognition of Roundtable Representatives and Alternates for 2013

A.  Welcome to New Roundtable Representatives and Alternates

B.  Adoption of Resolution 13-01 to Recognize Council Member Sepi Richardson

C.  Adoption of Resolution 13-02 to Recognize Mayor Ann Keighran

D.  Adoption of Resolution 13-03 to Recognize Council Member Charlie Bronitsky

E.  Adoption of Resolution 13-04 to Recognize Council Member Larry May

F.  Adoption of Resolution 13-05 to Recognize Council Member Wayne Lee

G.  Adoption of Resolution 13-06 to Recognize Council Member Marie Chuang

H.  Adoption of Resolution 13-07 to Recognize Council Member Pete DeJarnatt

I.    Adoption of Resolution 13-08 to Recognize Council Member Kevin Mullin

J.  Adoption of Resolution 13-09 to Recognize Council Member Dave Tanner

Comments/Concerns/Questions: Chairperson Gee introduced the new representatives to the Roundtable: Dave Warden from the City of Belmont, Cliff Lentz from the City of Brisbane, Jerry Deal from the City of Burlingame, Alvin Royse and Shawn Christianson from the Town of Hillsborough, Maureen Freschet from the City of San Mateo, Pradeep Gupta from the City of South San Francisco, and Thomas Shanahan from the Town of Woodside. Chairperson Gee then express gratitude and best wishes on behalf of the Roundtable for those representatives no

longer serving on the Roundtable.

Action:            Ann Wengert MOVED adoption of resolutions listed in the agenda as items II.B through II.J, omitting II.D. The motion was SECONDED by Naomi Patridge and CARRIED, UNANIMOUSLY.

III.     Election of Roundtable Officers for Calendar Year 2013

A.  Election of Roundtable Chairperson

Action:            Naomi Patridge nominated Jeff Gee to continue as Roundtable Chairperson. The nomination was seconded by Ann Wengert. Upon acceptance of the nomination, the Roundtable voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of Jeff Gee to serve as Roundtable Chairperson.

B.  Election of Roundtable Vice-Chairperson

Action:            Sue Digre nominated Naomi Patridge to serve as Roundtable Vice-Chairperson.

The nomination was seconded by Elizabeth Lewis. Upon acceptance of the nomination, the Roundtable voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of Naomi Patridge to serve as Roundtable Vice-Chairperson.

IV.    Public Comments of Items Not on the Agenda

Comments/Concerns/Questions: None.

V.     Consent Agenda Items

A. Review of Airport Director’s Report for November 2012

B. Review of Airport Director’s Report for December 2012

C. Review of SFO Fly Quiet Report Q4 2012

D. Review of Roundtable Regular Meeting Overview for December 5, 2012

Comments/Concerns/Questions: Rich Newman provide edits to item V.C “Update on the

Crossing Altitude of Oceanic Arrivals Over the Woodside VOR” of the December 5, 2012

Roundtable Regular meeting overview.

Action:  Michael Brownrigg MOVED the approval of the Consent Agenda Items with edits to item V.D (Roundtable Regular Meeting Overview for December 5, 2012). The motion was SECONDED by Julian Chang and CARRIED, UNANIMOUSLY.

VI.A. Airport Director’s Report

Airport Director John Martin recognized Sepi Richardson for her years of dedicated service and contributions to the Roundtable.  Mr. Martin indicated that SFO ended the year with 44.5 million passengers, which accounts for an 8.5% increase from the pervious year. As indicated in December, an expected leveling off of domestic traffic is expected due to Virgin America’s aircraft order cancelation. Both Virgin America and Delta announced service from San Jose to Los Angeles, which is possibly good news for the communities of Brisbane and South San Francisco as they could potentially see a shift/reduction in traffic in the future.

VI.B. Airport Year End Noise Summary

Airport Director John Martin walked representatives through a handout provided that gives a brief synopsis explaining the 2012 noise levels from SFO. It also indicates the best and worst airlines in regards to noise, and explains where the focus is on to abate those who exceed noise thresholds.

Comments/Concerns/Questions: Chairperson Gee asked for clarification and explanation of the CNEL contours for the benefit of the new representatives on the Roundtable. Aircraft Noise Abatement Manager Bert Ganoung provide an explanation and pointed out the significant of the

65 dB CNEL contour line that is referenced. Woodside resident Jim Lyons wished to discussed two points on the matter. First was questioning the methods by which measurements are taken

from noise monitoring sites and how those measurements are calculated, specifically those measurements below 58 dB that are counted as zero. He indicated that in evaluating the flight

tracks that hundreds, if not thousands, of flights have flown over the Woodside VOR with levels greater than 40 dB. Not including values below 58 dB would drive down the CNEL average

making such calculations significantly flawed. Secondly, Mr. Lyons brought to attention the 21,256

significant noise exceedance events for 2012 listed in the December 2012 Airport Director’s Report. It is understood that “significant noise exceedance” are measurements beyond 100 dB, and indicates these are not flights near the airport but in the communities. Mr. Ganoung explained significant noise exceedances are adjusted for location and time of day. Those closer to the

airport during the day hold higher thresholds than those further away and/or in the evening hours.

Further, the exceednance provided in the report are per monitoring station, where a single flight that may exceed a noise monitor’s threshold may exceed other stations along the flight path. Therefor, the number is not reflective of flights, but individual monitor exceedance. Chairman Gee asked for clarification on possible 100 dB exceednances, which Mr. Ganoung explained it’s an extremely rare situation in the Woodside area. It was indicated that Oakland International Airport would be deploying monitoring equipment in the area to allow side-by-side comparison with

SFO’s equipment.

VI.C. Noise 101, PART 1

Aircraft Noise Abatement Manager Bert Ganoung presented the first two modules of the Noise

101 program, which introduced members to the Noise Abatement office and operations, and

Noise Metrics.

Comments/Concerns/Questions: Vice-chair Naomi Patridge asked how the noise contours changed over the years. Mr. Ganoung explained that they have become smaller over the years, and illustrated a comparison of the 1983 noise contours with today’s contours. This is a result of quieter aircraft, better operating procedures, and working with the FAA and airlines. Vice-chair Patridge explained her question was meant to illustrate the role the Roundtable has played in working towards reduction in aircraft noise and seeing those realized reductions over the years.

VII.A. SFO Construction Update and Departure/Arrival affects

Bert Ganoung indicated the closure updates have been providing to Roundtable staff for distribution on its end. Roundtable Coordinator James Castaneda explained he’s still working with several individuals to provide streamlined updates, and is continuing that effort.  Acting Spokesperson Doug Yakel indicated the next closure if scheduled for February 15-18.

Comments/Concerns/Questions: None.

VII.B. Update on FAA’s PORTE Departure Analysis

Chairman Gee provide a brief background on the drafting process and the intentions of getting that approved and sent out.

Comments/Concerns/Questions: Rich Newman expressed concern that the letter should not impress codifying flying the PORTE FOUR departure and that not flying as prescribed is some sort of a violation. It was requested to reconsider language both in this and the OAMP letter (item V.D) to avoid the impression of demanding requirements. Elizabeth Lewis shared her views on

the letter and didn’t feel the letter implies such. Chairperson Gee indicated he’ll consider tweaking it, but wishes to avoid bring the letter back to the group in order to get it sent out within the next week.

Action:  Elizabeth Lewis MOVED the approval of the letter, with edits, regarding the PORTE Departure. The motion was SECONDED by Sue Digre and CARRIED, UNANIMOUSLY.


VII.C. Update on the Crossing Altitude of Oceanic Arrivals Over the Woodside VOR


Woodside resident Jim Lyons reiterated his concerned that Oceanic Tailored Arrivals (OTA) only account for 4% of the flights over the Woodside VOR. The letter should be reflective of all flights, specifically the remaining 96% of flights over the VOR. Mr. Lyons also encourage the inclusion of CNEL as a supplemental metric to be used in addition to Lmax as stated in the draft.

David Burow expressed concern over not receiving conclusive data regarding the Woodside VOR studies. Chairperson Gee responded that the intention of the letter is to start the conversation to attempt to make perceived noise improvement, and refuses to spend additional time challenging data. Supervisor Pine asked for clarification regarding the Eshoo Letter, and Roundtable

Technical Consultant Harvey Hartmann indicated that the letter was never regulatory, and was always voluntary as permitted subject to traffic and conditions. Michael Brownrigg expressed that the focus of the letter should be reflected of the Roundtable’s mission to improve noise impacts, not airport or aircraft optimization or green house/pollution reduction. Those should be the focus of other bodies, and will not defer a noise solution to address pollution issues. Elizabeth Lewis followed-up that a noise solution should defer to safety, but reasonable modifications should be pursued when possible. Chairperson Gee indicated the letter would be edited to reflect some of the feedback provide by the Roundtable prior to being sent.

Action:  Rich Newman MOVED the approval of the letter, with edits, regarding the Oceanic Arrivals Over the Woodside VOR. The motion was SECONDED by Elizabeth Lewis and CARRIED, UNANIMOUSLY.

VII.D. Follow-up on Optimization of Airspace & Procedures in Metroplex (OAMP)

Comments/Concerns/Questions: None.

Action:  Naomi Patridge MOVED the approval of the letter, with edits, regarding the OAMP. The motion was SECONDED by Michael Brownrigg and CARRIED, UNANIMOUSLY.

VII.E. Committee Assignments

Chairperson Gee asked for volunteers for an ad hoc subcommittee to evaluate and make recommendations modifying the bylaws, specifically the requirement of Chairperson and Vice- chair attending all subcommittee meetings. Sue Digre, Naomi Patridge, Elizabeth Lewis, David Burow, and Carol Klatt agreed to be part of the ad hoc committee. Chairperson Gee also asked staff to follow-up with members to ask for volunteers to fill the standing subcommittees.

Comments/Concerns/Questions: None.

VIII. Airport Noise News Briefing

Roundtable Technical Consultant Cindy Gibbs provided updates relevant to aircraft noise, including announcement of the new House Subcommittee chairman, proposed rule making on unmanned aircrafts, final ruling on tilt rotor aircrafts, new FAQ page for changes in the FAA noise insulation Program Guidance Letter, an upcoming Noise Symposium in Costa Mesa, and the Bay Area OAMP Environmental Assessment being released later this year.

Comments/Concerns/Questions: None

VI.    Member Communications /Announcements

Comments/Concerns/Questions: None.

VII.  Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:32 PM.

Overview was adopted at the April 3, 2013 Regular Meeting.