Noise 101

This page contains resources for understanding noise related to aircraft operations, as well as noise abatement programs at SFO. Each module is from the San Francisco International Airport’s “Noise 101” sessions presented annually to the Roundtable by airport, consultant, and FAA Air Traffic Control staff.
·        Noise 101

o   This section explains the most commonly used noise metrics related to aircraft noise and how humans hear noise



·        Noise Office

o   This section describes the duties of the San Francisco International Airport Noise Abatement Office



·        NEM

o   This section describes the 65 CNEL, or Noise Exposure Map. This is the method used by the State of California and FAA to determine eligibility for sound insulation and determine the Federally-defined noise impact boundary.



·        RSIP

o   This section describes San Francisco International Airport’s residential sound insulation program; it’s history, number of dwellings insulated, and the status of the program



·        FAA TRACON

o   This section describes the FAA Northern California TRACON facility that controls the airspace in the Bay Area.



·        FAA Air Traffic

o   This section describes the duties of the FAA Air Traffic Control Tower at San Francisco International Airport



·        Title 21

o   This section describes the State of California Title 21 regulations. This regulation applies to “nuisance” airports that have incompatible land uses within their noise impact boundary.



·        Fly Quiet

o   This section describes the Fly Quiet Program, including the elements and how they are scored.