35th Anniversary


Meeting No. 301
Wednesday, June 1, 2016 – 7:00 p.m.

San Francisco International Airport – International Terminal
San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library & Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum

(Access from the Departure Level of the International Terminal)

Note: To arrange an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act to participate in this public meeting, please call (650) 363-1853 at least 2 days before the meeting date.


1. Welcome
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson

2. 2014 – 2015 Jon C. Long Fly Quiet Awards
Bert Ganoung, Manager – Aircraft Noise Abatement Office

3. Opening Remarks
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson
John Martin, Director – San Francisco International Airport

4. Recognition of Past Roundtable Chairpersons
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson

5. Looking Back at 35
Guests Speakers

6. Closing Remarks
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson


1. Call to Order / Roll Call / Declaration of a Quorum Present
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson
James A. Castañeda, AICP, Roundtable Cooridnator

2. Update/Status, FAA Initiative to Address Noise Concerns
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson
Cindy Gibbs, Roundtable Aviation Technical Consultant

3. Public Comments on Items NOT on the Agenda
Speakers are limited to two minutes. Roundtable members cannot discuss or take action on any matter raised under this item.

4. Member Comments / Announcements
Roundtable Members and Staff

5. Adjourn
Cliff Lentz, Roundtable Chairperson

*No meeting packet will be produced for this meeting.



The location for the SFO Roundtable Technical Working Groups will be in the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum at San Francisco International Airport located in the International Terminal.


Use the International Terminal Parking Garage A. Following signs that read “INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL”, and enter “DEPARTING FLIGHTS / HOURLY PARKING”. Park on LEVEL 8 near the AirTrain station. Do follow signs or park in Garage G . Please bring your ticket to the meeting, as your parking will be validated.


  1. From LEVEL 8, take the AirTrain BLUE LINE to the International Terminal one stop away.
  2. Take the escalator down one level to the DEPARTURES LEVEL.
  3. Go up escalators two floors to “Airlines & Ticketing” level.
  4. Turn RIGHT on the second floor at the top of the escalator.
  5. The Library and Museum will be located left of Boarding Area A security checkpoint entrance.

If you have any trouble, call Noise Abatement Office on any White Courtesy Phone, by dialing 1-5100 or via cell at (650) 821-5100.